About Me

So this is the “About Me” page…

I am not yet ready to divulge who exactly I am. I am still new to the blogging scene so I want to feel a little more comfortable with things before I go into specifics of me.

I will however share stuff about me that won’t lead someone to my doorstep.

I live in Canada, Ontario to be exact, Toronto to be even more exact. Toronto is my home, and I love living here.
I have travelled a bit over the years to New York, Chicago, Orlando, Paris, and Rome. Paris, hands down, was my favourite. Rome was a close second because everything in Rome is just beautiful. It’s like a postcard everywhere you look but Paris I just loved the vibe of the city, and the fact that everything was picture postcard too, but my favourite part was the museums, the Louvre was absolutely stunning and if I could find a way to live there (or at least do a week long trip of nothing but The Louvre) then I would. But their security is actually pretty good so for now I will settle for one day doing a week-long (or more if i can afford it) trip where all I see and do is The Louvre. Because it is that big, and it is that beautiful.
One the American side, New York is one of my favourite cities. I don’t know what it is about New York that I love, but I do. It’s just so chaotic and yet so organized, it’s so busy and bustling yet so quiet and introspective, it’s culturally so out there and yet somehow modest, all of this sounds kind of like me. Maybe that’s why I love New York so much. I have been several times, and I hope to go back one day soon again.

I have a list of places I still want to visit, like London, England, and I would like to see parts of Canada like Nova Scotia and Banff, Alberta. But no matter where I go Toronto will always be home.

As for me, well as you may have noticed by now, I am diagnosed with BPD, among several other things, severe depression, mild social anxiety, mild agoraphobia, panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder, and two eating disorders. I’d like to say that my disorders are not who I am, and to an extent that is true because I am much more that that. But I do have to admit that unfortunately my disorders, in one form or another, take up a lot of my time, and A LOT of my headspace so there are a lot of times where I am not able to separate where the disorders end, and I begin.

Beyond the disorders though, is the me that loves history, especially European history, and World War Two history. I love reading non-fiction books about history but I also enjoy a good fiction book every now and then. I love writing, and if wishes came true, that is what I would be paid for. Just to sit and write every day and have my mortgage paid for, sah-weet!!!!! That is my dream.

I am married, with no kids, although I do have a fur baby whom I adore. And who my husband call his “little buddy”. Yes, I am a cat lady. I love my little fur ball more than I can say. He makes me smile when I am down, and a number of times he was the sole reason (along with my husband because I consider them a package deal) that literally saved my life.

I’m not sure what else to tell about me. I guess I’ll just add as I go along, but in a nutshell, that’s me.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. jennydereis says:

    You have done an excellent job on your blog, it is truly amazing the amount of work you have put into this. I am so impressed! You are truly creating a great gift for others with BPD, especially those who don’t have access to or who can’t afford DBT. Well done!


    • Sorry for the delayed reply (notifications were off) thank you so much for the kind words. I was hoping it would be helpful to others. I know that DBT isn’t readily available for everyone so I wanted to try and help those who couldn’t get to programs. I am waaay behind but working my way back so that it’s complete. Thank you again 🙂


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