*TW* Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

Dealing with suicidal thoughts and feelings are overwhelming and frustrating and it’s only made further confusing and frustrating by not necessarily actually wanting to die. At least not right now.

When the idea of wanting to die starts to float through my mind, I sort of let it drift in and out, testing the waters to see how serious I am about it, and if it will stick around or was it just a passing thought. Most of the time it just goes away on its own and nothing else happens.

But sometimes it doesn’t go away. Sometimes it sticks around and becomes more than just a floating thought, it becomes an idea, which is one step away from planning, and that is one small step from attempting. It starts to grow inside my mind and slowly I start to notice and consider all the passive ways that I could die, all of the ways that I wouldn’t be responsible for my life ending so I wouldn’t have to worry about how to do it, and I wouldn’t have to worry about hurting anyone left behind. I wouldn’t have to worry beforehand about people wondering what happened and why I did what I did, nor would any of my family or friends. It would be taken care of by fate and no one would be the wiser that it was what I wanted to happen all along. Of course this passive plan has its faults because there’s also a very good chance it might not happen, and if I’m feeling really low and looking for an out this can be kind of an inconvenience because I want things to end but I’m not yet willing to be the cause of it. In this case any attempts at dying would have to be by my hand so there are pluses and minuses to the passive route.

When I start to imagine the passive ways that my life could end, I know that this is a crossroads for me; I’ll either go down the one road to a much darker place where the passive route of death moves from a wish to a want and then it gets even darker and I actually move into planning or attempting, the other road I decide it’s not really what I want and look for help and ways to come out of the dark place.

Leaving the decision to fate always starts out so tempting, like when I’m standing on the sidewalk at the bus stop wondering if I tripped and fell into the street, would I be hit by a bus and killed? Or if someone knocked me into the street into the path of any oncoming vehicle, would I be killed? What if there was any kind of accident and I was killed? The ideas and fantasies, if you will, become quite fantastical. And in my defense, none of them are totally out of the realm of happening because weird things and accidents happen every day in every country in the world, and whose to say one of them won’t happen to me.

I also consider at this time the even more passive ways my life could end, like if I don’t take care of myself maybe nature will decide for me. I could have a heart attack, or a stroke, or I could get sick. This way however could potentially take months, or even years to happen, if they happen at all, so this route, though it’s relatively easy, is not the most effective way of them all.

What if I stop eating and moving, will my heart give out? What if I find something toxic and it “accidentally” gets ingested? What if I self-harm, will I strike the wrong spot and die? The ways to be killed and die are endless, and it’s amazing at what I start to imagine and hope for that will cause my life to end, yet will be little to no work on my part. It’s skewed thinking I know, but it’s hard not to entertain the thoughts when it feels like it’s the only way out.

I do have to question how much of these thoughts, particularly when they remain as thoughts and don’t move into planning or attempting, is about control. When I feel a lack of control about life in general, and my emotions and thoughts are all over the place, one way to take back that control is to know I have the authority to say when it all ends, even if it means taking my own life. It’s extreme but it gives me some sense that I have a say in what’s happening. When everything else feels like it is being done to me, and I am just stuck on the roller coaster forced to endure the constant ups and downs that wrench me from state to state, taking the reins on whether I live or not feels like I finally have a say. Suddenly the roller coaster ride, though still hard and frustrating, becomes a little less violent and overwhelming, knowing I can just stand up and jump out of my seat and end the ride permanently.

There are times when I wonder if my solitude is a means for me to slowly extract myself from other people’s lives so if something were to happen to me, and I were to die, whether by accident, nature or by my hand, it will hurt less. For them and for me. I can convince myself that because I haven’t talked to people in a while it will be easier to leave them, and I can believe that they feel the same. I can push people away, or keep them at arm’s length because it will be easier to leave if I have no one close to me. And I can tell myself that no one cares because they aren’t around. So I may as well be gone.

All of the things I would distance myself from; friends, family, work, interests, hobbies, and dreams, and then I will have nothing left to stay for. I can leave without feeling anything because everything I cared about is either gone or taken away. I would convince myself of all of this in order to make it easier.

It’s in this state of mind that the passive ways to die aren’t good enough or fast enough for me, and I actually start looking and considering how I want to end it. This is when I am in the darkest of places and this time it might be the last.

The uncertainty of life terrifies me enough that it paralyzes me. And the farther I am from all that I care about and love, the easier it becomes to end it for good. My reasons for living will be gone and there will be nothing to hold me here. Why would I stay here if no one is looking for me? Why would I stay if no one is seeing me? Why would I stay if no one is paying attention to me? Why would I stay if everyone else has better things to do? Why would I stay if my dreams are dead? Why would I stay if I have no interests or purpose? Why would I stay if I am alone?

I am not yet sure what will happen.


9 thoughts on “*TW* Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

  1. bpd2know1amworthy says:

    The morning after a recent suicide ideation day I was driving my car and the sun was shining bright and warm. It had finally stopped snow storming. An intense feeling of excitement and gratitude overcame me and I actually said out loud to myself “I’m so glad I am still alive today – it’s a beautiful day”. It was one of those wow moments because I realized that my thoughts of wanting to die, but not really wanting to die, WILL pass if I JUST HANG ON, and I was grateful that while in my darkness my thoughts did not become actions. My answers to the questions you asked that I have also asked myself: “No one is looking for me: I can, and will, look for me”. “No one sees me: Even if no one else sees me, which is likely a thought and feeling distortion, I can, and will, see me. The reality is that I am NOT invisible, even though I think and feel that way a lot.” “No one pays attention to me: I can pay attention to myself. I am learning that I am great company for my own self.” “Everyone else has better things to do: I too can have better things to do but sometimes I just have to push and force myself to do them. I can also have a great time just being me, all on my own.” “My dreams may have died for now….but I can, and will, discover new dreams to work towards.” “I don’t feel any sense of interest or purpose right now….so I rest….and soothe myself, comfort myself, be kind to myself…and one day they will return….” “I feel alone – even when surrounded by lots of people, so I learned about co-dependency, and am now learning to fill myself up first and rely on me to feel good.” Always be kind to myself. One day at a time. We are not alone. I’ll be here if you need to reach out ❤


    • Wow, reading your post I thought “that is inspirational”. A lot of times I know that its something that will pass, or I know that the mean, nasty thoughts I have are not really me. It’s just so hard to not listen and believe. DBT is helping me to deal with actually realizing that so I’m glad to say that at least it’s progressing in the right way. I sincerely hope you continue to take care of yourself because as I am discovering it makes a world of difference. Thanks for the kind words as well, we aren’t alone. Take care of you 🙂

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      • bpd2know1amworthy says:

        Thank you!!!! So happy for your progress as well 💗. The two years I spent in DBT skills group helped me change my life and the suffering I was stuck in, the way I think and react, my relationships, and the way I care for myself 💗. So glad it is helping you too!!!! 💗


      • I do find the DBT a little difficult to incorporate, which you may have guessed by my posts, but I do still believe that it is a worthwhile endeavour because some of the things I have learned so far I can tell are valuable skills. I’m working towards having them second nature but I know it takes time. I have to remind myself to be patient 😉
        Do you find some days that you have a hard time with the skills, when you were learning?


      • bpd2know1amworthy says:

        Yes definitely. It has taken me two years to be mindful to apply the skills that I find effective and easier to use than some of the other skills. I think the stop skill has been the biggest skill that has brought change to my life and learning what it means to be mindful to live in the present moment without judgment or over attachment and working really hard to not bring the past or future to the current moment – hard work!!!! I would still be going weekly but our hospital has told us we have the skills so we no longer fit the criteria for the “skills group”. They have created a support group on a different day so have to try to figure out my schedule so I can go. I encourage you to keep going if you are able I know everyone has a different journey – a I found that just like anything else it gets easier to learn and implement the more we do it. I was so hopelessly crying through the classes for a very long time thinking I was tired of suffering and wanted to be “fixed” right away – bnut had to learn to trust the process 💖💖💖💖


      • It is definitely hard. I find myself at a loss as to when to apply the skills, and then wondering which skill do I use? But my DBT coach has been a lifesaver, and a light in the dark for me. I can call her when I’m struggling and not sure how to proceed. Despite that I am struggling right now I would still highly recommend anyone to learn DBT and I am still going to all my group and individual sessions. I know there’s something in it that will help. I admit I thought it would be instant gratification, like the destructive ways, so I’m learning that it takes time. I’m still giving it a fighting a chance.
        I hope things stay well for you and I thank you for sharing. It helps to know it’s not just me. Pls feel free to share anytime. I really appreciate your inspiration and support. 🙂

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