Wish I Had a Hiding Place

If I had the money I would build or buy a place where I could go and just lay on the floor (with cushioning) or a bed or a couch and just stare at the ceiling and be left alone. I would also put in a huge skylight so I could watch the sky at night or the rain or the snow falling down. 

I could lose myself in the darkness and shadows and the vast nothingness of the sky and the ceiling and no one would have to worry about me. I could put a little mini fridge beside me so I could have something to drink and the only time I would have to get up would be to go to the bathroom (which I would leave at a distance since I am losing myself in the sky not unsanitary conditions). 

And I would have blankets and pillows around me like a little fort and I would just stay there. And I wouldn’t be questioned or frowned upon. I wouldn’t be judged or criticized. I would just be. 

Me and the big sky above. 

If wishes came true…


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